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Smoke Stomper Home Smoke Eater
Reg. $925.00

Dan Buglio is a Certified Indoor Air Quality Professional by the:

Biozone has recently changed their distribution process. I am no longer allowed to sell their products since I am not a stocking distributor. If you need a replacement bulb, please contact Biozone directly. or call them at 1-407-876-2000.

Otherwise, give us a call and I'm sure we can recommend one of our other products to solve your air quality problem. Our number is: 1-888-472-8736

PROTECT YOUR FAMILY with a BioZone Air Purifier! Kill Viruses, Bacteria, Mold and Germs. Eliminate Pet and Smoke Odors and get rid of Chemical Fumes and Gases.

A BioZone Air Purifier will allow you to rest easy knowing you have a constant process running in your home killing all living airborne viruses, bacteria and molds.

Keep Reading to Learn More!!!

What does a BioZone Air Purifier do?

A BioZone Air Purifier dramatically improves your indoor air quality, ensuring that the air you and your family breathe is fresh and safe. Using an advanced ultraviolet method of air purification, the BioZone Air Purifiers decontaminate and sanitize the air and surfaces and effectively remove dangerous, unseen particles such as bacteria, viruses, molds and contaminants that cause a myriad of respiratory problems including asthma and chronic allergies. It also eliminates pet and smoke odors, and leaves your home fresh and clean. It never needs cleaning or new filters!

Take control of the air in your home with a BioZone Home Air Purifier! The BioZone air purifier provides healthy pure air for your home or small business. Eliminate many triggers that cause allergy and asthma attacks. Let one of our BioZone air purifiers remove smoke, mold, mildew and household or pet odors and give yourself, your family and/or co-workers a cleaner, healthier environment.

BioZone Air Purifier Testimonials:

"After we got the BioZone, my friends immediately commented that my home no longer smelled like smoke."
-- Deb Mayo, Sudbury, MA

"We live in an extremely old home in Connecticut with a damp basement. I keep our BioZone Air Purifier running constantly and there is no more musty, damp odor!"
-- Regina Cecchi, Avon, CT

"We have three cats and no matter what we did, our home always smelled like the litter box. Then I put in a BioZone Air Purifier. Now you'd never even know we have pets!"
-- Ronnie Wright, Los Angeles, CA

"We have checked several homes for airborne mold and contaminants and after running the BioZone units for just 24 hours, the mold count is dramatically reduced."
-- Quincey Carvel, Environmental Industries

"Dear BioZone, About this time of year my allergies drive me crazy. Our two BioZone Air Purifiers gave me a safe haven in our home and at work. Thanks for the relief. I only wish I had discovered this device years ago.
-- Ray Davis

"Allergy season may be all around outdoors, but in the safety of my bedroom I am not aware of anything except clean, fresh air. Breathing has become a pleasure again, thanks to your home air purifier."
-- John Davis

"As a new 2nd grade teacher, I knew I would be constantly exposed to a lot of sickness this first year. I brought one of your BioZone air purifiers to my classroom and only had one cold all year. The other new teachers seemed to always have a cold or flu. This product really works."
-- Sara Price, Wilmington, DE

How does a BioZone Air Purifier work?

1. When airborne contaminants enter the BioZone Air Purifier they are channeled into the Air Purification Chamber where they are immediately exposed to high intensity ultraviolet light which creates a photochemical process that:
  • kills bacteria
  • kills viruses
  • kills mold
  • breaks down organic contaminants (VOC's)
  • neutralizes unhealthy gases

2. Inside the Purification Chamber particles such as dust and smoke are removed from the air by electrically charging them with negative ions and photoelectrons that are emitted by the photoionic accelerator. These particles are continually broken down by the powerful ultraviolet light and oxidized so there is never a need for cleaning or changing filters.

3. Also in the Purification Chamber, wavelengths from the ultraviolet lamp energize the oxygen and hydrogen in the air creating excited atoms and molecules, ionized gases, and free electrons. We call this our Purifying Plasma, and it will:
  • breakdown unhealthy fumes from such things as smoke and chemicals
  • neutralize unpleasant odors
  • destroy bacteria
  • destroy viruses!!
  • destroy mold
4. The ultra-pure air, carrying with it the full power of our Purifying Plasma, is now blown back into the room. Unlike other air purifiers, harmful contaminants do not have to be brought into the air purifier to be stopped. BioZone's powerful purifying agents circulate throughout an environment seeking out and destroying contaminants and unpleasant odors regardless of where they hide, leaving your home or business fresh, clean and pure.

A short list of companies that use BioZone Air Purifiers daily:

  • FBI
  • Department of Defense
  • US Attorney's Offices
  • US Geological Survey
  • Walter Reed Army Medical Center
  • Talent City Public Works
  • Chatom Police Department
  • MIT- Lincoln Lab
  • Princeton University
  • University of California
  • North Iowa Area Community College
  • Virginia Telecommunications
  • Advanced Cleaning Systems
  • Restoration Experts
  • NY Organic Fertilizer Company
  • Otter Fork Swine Farm
  • Saville Poultry
  • Dana Capistrano Animal Hospital
  • Englewood Animal Hospital
  • The Cat Hospital of Auburn
  • Avian Technology International
  • Black Pearl Restaurants
  • Key West fish Market
  • Promus Hotels
  • Plainesville Country Club
  • Fitness Connection Athletic Clubs
As well as thousands of families.

More on BioZone Air Purifiers

BioZone Air Purifiers are one of the best air purifiers available for your home or business. They are made by a company with years of experience that specializes in air purification. Unlike the "Breeze" company heavily marketing an inferior product, or the vacuum cleaner company that decided to 'get into the air purifier business', BioZone Scientific utilizes the best air cleaning technologies available today. Broad spectrum UV light based technology is second to none. This is why you will only find UV based air purifiers here at

When selecting an air purifier to provide a healthy pure environment for your family and co-workers, it is important to select a product that uses the most effective technologies, not just marketing hype. Good technology purifies air, aggressive marketing hype does not!

What is the right size BioZone Air Purifier for me?

Simply put: Effective Air purification is based on Pollutants versus Power. When in doubt, round up to the next sized unit. If you have medium pollutants like dogs, cats, or a number of people, double your square footage that you wish to treat and still round up. If you have heavy smokers in the home, triple your treatment area square footage to figure out the right unit.

If you have one of these units and it's not working, you need more power. It isn't a question of whether or not a UV Based Air Purifier works or not. They do. It is simply a matter of adding enough power to handle the levels of pollutants in your air.

An underpowered unit will leave you feeling like it isn't working at all. Invest and get the right size for the amount of pollutants in your home! Multiple Air Purifiers in different parts of your home work great too! Distribute processing for the best results.

Unsure which BioZone Air Purifier is right for you?

Call for friendly and free advice.

GO AHEAD, CALL Toll Free 888-472-8736

Get Your BioZone Air Purifier Today!

Due to recent regulations, these products are not available for sale in the state of California.


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