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Smoke Stomper Home Smoke Eater
Reg. $925.00

Dan Buglio is a Certified Indoor Air Quality Professional by the:

My Air Purifier would like to begin the FAQ section by describing some of the benefits of Air Oasis Air Purifiers. Please check the categories listed at the bottom of this page if you have more specific questions. Of course, if we have not answered your question, you can email us at:

BOTTOM LINE: Air Oasis air purifiers offer a combination of benefits that just simply can't be beat.

Some General Thoughts:

There are many different reasons for needing an air purifier, based on the many air quality issues that confront us on a daily basis. Pets, smoking, odors from new carpets or paint, mold, dust, desire to be healthier, get sick less often, etc. Regardless of your specific needs, offers a full line of Air Oasis and Biozone Scientific® air purifiers, air cleaners and smoke eaters to solve almost any air quality problem you may throw at us.

Air Oasis air purifiers are scientifically advanced and use technology to conquer problems that most other air purifiers simply cannot handle.

As you compare the Air Oasis Air Purifiers offered on our site to the many competitive models from other manufacturers, make sure to ask the following questions about the competing air purifiers on the market:
  1. Does the air purifier kill germs?
  2. Does the air purifier eliminate odors completely?
  3. Does the air purifier destroy bacteria and mold, including spores?
  4. Can the air purifier run for over three years without requiring replacement parts?
  5. Can the air purifier break down chemical fumes and contaminates?
  6. Can the air purifier kill potentially harmful viruses?

RGF air purifiers can do all of these things in addition to removing dust, pet dander, allergens and more! Air Oasis air purifiers are the total solution for your air quality needs and they are very low cost and low maintenance!

Q: What are the Benefits of a Air Oasis Air Purifier?
  • Air Oasis Air Purifiers improve indoor air quality for allergy, asthma, and sinus sufferers by destroying airborne pollutants.
  • Air Oasis Air Purifiers reduce airborne and surface biological contaminants such as molds, fungi, bacteria and viruses.
  • Air Oasis methods of sanitation and purification are used in medical facilities and approved by the FDA and USDA for specific applications.
  • Air Oasis Air Purifiers eliminate unpleasant odors from chemicals, pets, cooking, smoke, dampness, etc.
  • Air Oasis sells their air purification products directly through Certified Distributors like My Air Purifier. This provides you factory direct pricing.
  • Air Oasis air purifiers operate at approximately half the cost per square foot than any comparable purifier on the market.
  • Air Oasis air purifiers have only one part to change every three years at an average cost of $40. We also guarantee the lamps for three years!
  • Air Oasis air purifiers use very little electricity. The cost to run a Air Oasis air purifier is approximately 3-4 cents per day!
  • Air Oasis air purifiers are very compact and less than 1/8th the size of a comparably priced HEPA filter, making them very easy to find room for. You shouldn't have to rearrange furniture just to have clean air!

Below are links to out FAQ pages, please select a topic that you have questions about.

FAQ - Health
FAQ - Customer Service
FAQ - How Does it Work
FAQ - Indoor Air Quality


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