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Smoke Stomper Home Smoke Eater
Reg. $925.00

Dan Buglio is a Certified Indoor Air Quality Professional by the:


If you have Pets, Smokers, Musty Odors, Allergies, Asthma, or just want to breathe easier, sleep better, get sick less and get rid of that stuffy nose...

Get yourself a Whole House Air Purifier!

The HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning) UV whole house air purifier works wonders on Mold, Bacteria, Viruses, Pollen, Smoke, pet odors and other indoor air pollutants. An excellent choice for offices too!

Designed to work within your forced air heating and cooling system, our HVAC UV whole house air purifiers install directly into the ductwork to purify the air that passes through the system. Why just blow all that air around when you can turn that air movement into an air purification machine. More details below.

Why do I need an HVAC UV whole house air purifier?

Here are some of the many reasons you NEED one.
  • Musty damp smells
  • Embarrassing Pet odors
  • Smokers in the home
  • Mold spores
  • Pollen spores
  • Airborne irritants flaring up your allergies
  • Get sick less – don’t let a child, bringing a cold home from school, get the whole family sick
  • New carpets or paint offgassing fumes
  • Hardwood Floors resurfaced and smell horrible
  • Fumes from cleaning products
  • Overall indoor air quality improvement
  • Peace of Mind

Is this a good option for me?

Well, you could buy 3 or 4 stand alone air purifiers from this site and get the same results...but why not use the huge fan already in your home to circulate the air and PURIFY IT ALL AT THE SAME TIME?

But do I need to keep my fan running?

If you want clean healthy air, Yes! Whether you are heating, cooling or not, keeping the fan on is required if you are to get any benefit of this type of system.

But won’t that cost me a lot of money?

Not really. It may add three to five bucks a month to your electric bill, but the benefits of doing so more than offset this cost. In addition to solving all sorts of indoor air problems like mold, mildew, bacteria; Two of the less obvious benefits of running your fan continuously are:
  • Cycling your fan on and off actually causes more wear and tear on your HVAC fan compared to just leaving it on. Extend the life of your furnace fan by leaving it on.
  • Air movement in general is a good thing for a healthy home. Your furnace filter has no chance of collecting all the bad airborne “stuff” you breathe that is floating around your home unless you move the air through the filter.

Let’s talk about furnace filters for a minute

First and foremost, furnace filters are designed to protect your equipment, NOT the occupants of the home. In recent years, companies have started coming out with improved filters to help eliminate dust and harmful particles. Further, furnace filters are one of the most poorly maintained but more important parts of a healthy indoor air environment. How many of you buy the cheapest 88 cent filters and change them once a year? Not good! If you are not already aware of it, let me introduce you to something called the Dynamic Air Cleaner.

This patented air cleaner replaces your standard furnace filter. A quality filter coupled with our HVAC UV lamp is the optimal solution for great indoor air. I would encourage you to seriously consider a Dynamic Air Cleaner 1" Panel to replace your inefficient furnace filter.

How does an HVAC UV system work?

The UV technology used in our whole house air purifiers can handle the broadest range of indoor air pollutants.

Our HVAC UV systems are designed to eliminate Sick Building Syndrome (SDS) risks by reducing odors, air pollutants, VOCs (chemical odors), smoke, mold, bacteria and viruses. The HVAC-UV lamps are easily mounted into air conditioning and heating systems air ducts, where most SDS problems start. When the HVAC system is in operation the UV lamp creates an Advanced Oxidation Process consisting of: hydro-peroxides, ozonide ions, super oxide ions and hydroxide ions. These are all friendly oxidizers. By friendly oxidizers we mean oxidizers that revert back to oxygen and hydrogen after the oxidation of the pollutant.

Why our UV Technology ?

Germicidal UV light rays have been used for decades by the medical industry as a method for destroying micro-organisms (germs, viruses, bacteria). UV light is dependable and can be easily installed in HVAC ducts or a plenum. Germicidal UV light is effective in reducing only the airborne micro-organisms that pass directly through the light rays. However, germicidal UV light has little to no effect on gases, vapors or odors. UV light that creates oxidation, on the other hand, is very effective on gases, vapors, VOCs and odors.

The combination of safe low level ozone (O3) and UV light develops an advanced reaction that creates as well as reduces ozone to safe low levels. This process also produces hydro-peroxides, super oxide ions, ozonide ions and hydroxides to purify the air.

With our UV light System, micro-organisms can be reduced by over 95%. Gases, VOCs and odors can also be reduced significantly, and the room will have ozonide ions, hydro-peroxides, super oxide ion and hydroxides which will help give your room fresh, clean and odor free air.


What about installation?

The HVAC UV lamps install directly into the supply side of your ductwork. Here’s how to do it.

Cut a 2.5” opening in your supply side ductwork before your first vent. Slide the tube-like lamp into the duct so it suspends in the center of the duct. Affix the housing to the duct with a few sheet metal screws. Use duct tape to create a tighter seal around the housing. Plug in the HVAC UV unit into a standard electrical outlet. Set your thermostat fan setting to on (instead of auto). That’s it!

Not comfortable doing this work yourself? Any HVAC contractor should be able to install it for you in a matter of 15 minutes.


OK, I’m sold. What do I do next?

Call us at 1-888-472-8736 to talk about our InDuct UV lamp options today! They are easy to install and provide excellent purification for your entire home up to 5000 square feet.

You want the Ultimate Air Quality Solution?

Simply combine an InDuct Air Purifier with the the Dynamic Air Cleaner for amazing capture of dust, pet dander, pollen and other airborne solids that are unable to be handled by an Induct ultraviolet purification system. This combination of this Air Oasis ultraviolet based purifier coupled with the Dynamic Air Cleaner will provide you unparalleled air cleaning for ALL types of indoor pollutants and give you the cleanest, most healthy air you can find. Eliminate those allergy and Asthma symptoms. Create a safe haven from the elements while in your own home.

Here, let me show you...

Take a look at what the Dynamic is best able to remove from your air.

Now look at what an InDuct UV lamp system is best at removing...

And when you combine the two technologies into one integrated whole house air purification get the ULTIMATE RESULTS AVAILABLE.

As you can see, this combination of air purification products handles it all!
Interested? Give us a call, and ask for Dan. He will help you select the perfect system for your home.

Toll Free 888-472-8736

The ultimate combination of technologies for the Ultimate in Clean, Fresh, Odor Free and HEALTHY Air!


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