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Smoke Stomper Home Smoke Eater
Reg. $925.00

Dan Buglio is a Certified Indoor Air Quality Professional by the:

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    Description Price
1.   3-Pack Dynamic Air Cleaner Replacement Filters
3-Pack of replacement filters for the Dynamic Air Cleaner. $23 each for standard sizes. Click the image for more info and to order.
2.   6-Pack Dynamic Air Cleaner Replacement Filters
6-Pack of replacement filters for the Dynamic Air Cleaner. $19.83 each for standard sizes. Click the image for more info and to order.
3.   9-Pack Dynamic Air Cleaner Replacement Filters
9-Pack of replacement filters for the Dynamic Air Cleaner. $18.77 each for standard sizes. Click the image for more info and to order.
4.   12-Pack Dynamic Air Cleaner Replacement Filters
12-Pack of replacement filters for the Dynamic Air Cleaner. $18.25 each for standard sizes. Click the image for more info and to order.
All prices in US Dollars

Need Dynamic Air Cleaner Filters? Click here

Sorry, due to some changes in distribution policies - we are no longer able to offer the Dynamic Air Cleaner 1" panel for sale on our website. (Actually NOBODY is authorized to sell this Dynamic Air Cleaner 1" panel on the internet.)

However, we can still offer you the Dynamic Air Cleaner replacement filters.

Warning: Any other website offering these Dynamic Air Cleaner 1" panels for sale over the internet is in violation of a distribution policy instated by the manufacturer effective 3/1/2010.

We have decided to leave the product information below available, to provide our Dynamic Air Cleaner filter customers with some excellent details on the quality and specifications of the Dynamic Air Cleaner they currently own.

Watch this video to learn about your Dynamic Air Cleaner:

Want Proof this technology works??

Just listen to what our customers have to say!

Edna Purk, Luckey, Ohio - January, 2006 - Dynamic Air Cleaner 1" Panel (Asthma)

Glenn, Dallas, TX - January 2006 - Dynamic Air Cleaner 1" Panel (Smoke, Dust, Pets)

Charles, Aurora, Colorado - January, 2006 - Dynamic Air Cleaner 1" Panel (Odors)

Introducing the 1" Dynamic Air Cleaner Panel.

Offering unparalleled 97% capture efficiency at sizes of 0.3 microns, Dynamic Air Cleaners feature a unique air scrubbing combination of electrostatic polarization and activated carbon. With this patented technology, Dynamic Air Cleaners are providing clean, healthy air in thousands of commercial, hospital and residential applications throughout the world.

This Dynamic Air Cleaner will provide HEPA quality air cleaning in your entire home by easily installing into your existing HVAC or central heating system. It does not require any ductwork reconfiguration. It simply replaces your existing furnace filter. But let me point out, this is NOT a furnace filter, it is an electronic air cleaning device that imparts an electrical charge into the patented filtration media inside the unit. It is powered through a standard electrical plug.

No passive fiberglass furnace filter, washable furnace filter, electrostatic or any other furnace filter can compete in effectiveness with the Dynamic Air Cleaner.

Most passive electrostatic filters (meaning they don't plug in) are very dense and once filled with dust and particles, dramatically reduce the airflow to your furnace, causing it to cycle on and off frequently or to overheat and damage your furnace. The Dynamic Air Cleaner uses an Active electronic method which allows for a more porous filter while still achieving exceptional capture rates of 97% down to .3 microns.

With a Dynamic Air Cleaner your home will be cleaner and fresher with less dust, pollens, molds, germs and odors. Allergy and asthma sufferers experience immediate, dramatic improvements.

Clean, Healthy Air for You and Your Family

The key to cleaner, healthier air is simple. Remove harmful particles and chemicals from the air you and your family breathe. With allergies and asthma affecting nearly 1 out of 4 children and adults, indoor air quality should be a major concern. Incidence of Asthma is up over 50% in the past 10 years alone.

This Dynamic Air Cleaner will remove sub-micron particles including fine dust, smoke, mold, pollen, bacteria and odors and it does not emit harmful ozone. This technology is used in thousands of hospital, residential, and commercial applications throughout the world. It is available in 23 standard sizes; custom sizes can be made to order.
Standard Sizes:
12"X12" - 12"X24" - 14"X14" - 14"X20" - 14"X25" - 14"X30"
15"X20" - 16"X16" - 16"X20" - 16"X21" - 16"X24" - 16"X25"
16"X30" - 18"X18" - 18"X20" - 18"X24" - 20"X20" - 20"X24"
20"X25" - 20"X30" - 24"X24" - 24"X30" - 25"X25"

13-1/8"x21-5/8" - 16-1/2"x21-5/8" - 17-3/8"x17-3/8"
17-3/8"x23-3/8" - 19-3/8"x19-3/8" - 19-3/8"x23-3/8"
19-3/8"x29-3/8" - 20"x21-5/8" - 21-1/2"x23-1/4"

Unsure of your size?

How They Work:
Dynamic Air Cleaners use an active electrostatic field to magnetize both airborne particles and the fibers of the Dynamic Air Cleaner disposable filter pads. This process causes particles to stick to the filter fibers just like paper clips are attracted to a magnet. The more particles that stick to the filter, the more efficient the filter becomes.

Dynamic Air Cleaners remove 97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns in size, and 98.6% of particles in the 0.5 to 1 micron range. (1 micron is about 1/25,000th of an inch.) This range is comparable to, or better than, a brand new HEPA air filter with a similar fan size. But, Dynamic Air Cleaners have the ability to remove airborne particles from the air as small as 0.001 microns because of their unique agglomeration process. The polarization field causes uncollected particles to stick together and form larger particles that become large enough to catch during the next pass through the Air Cleaner.

For more technical details: Click Here.

For Frequently Asked Questions: Click Here.

Particulate Sizes:
Competitors Pleated Filter Results:

And Now for the Dynamic Air Cleaner:

Dynamic Air Cleaner Console Units:

The Dynamic Air Cleaner Console units are great for homes without central heating or cooling system ductwork. They are also exceptional for those special situations requiring additional air cleaning power (Bedrooms for people with Allergies, Smokers, Rooms with pets or birds).

Combining superior air cleaning power with ultra quiet operation, the CT500 is ideal for a bedroom, removing cigarette or cigar smoke in the den, or even the company boardroom. The Dynamic Air Cleaner CT500 is available in black or wood-grain finishes.

Click for Pricing and Ordering on the Dynamic Air Cleaner CT500

Want Proof that these Consoles Really Work!
Just listen to what our customers have to say!

William Tony Hanback, Niles Michigan - December, 2005 - Dynamic Air Cleaner CT500 Console (Smoke)

Bernadette Clement, Beacon, New York - January 2006 - Dynamic Air Cleaner CT100 Console (Smoke)

Diane Capodieci, Mont Vernon, New Hampshire - October, 2005 - Dynamic Air Cleaner CT500 Console (Smoke)

"Dear Dan, I am very satisfied with the performance of the Dynamic. I am impressed with your quick responses to all my email & questions, wonderful customer service in every way. Thanks for the clean air in my smoking room; I would recommend your product to anyone. Happy Holidays. I will continue to order my filters when I need them from you. Thanks, Donna Voytek"

"Dan, we have not had a lot of time with the new CT500 air cleaner, however the owner did use his home for a week and reported that the system seemed to work much better than anything else we have tried, given he and his friends are cigar smokers, I would say we have a winner. Thanks for your help in resolving this issue! Dave"

CT500 Specs:
Dimensions: 26" High x 24" Wide x 11" Depth
Fan speed: True 500 CFM (cubic feet per minute), 2 speed fan
Electrical: 110V standard three prong plug
Warranty: 5 year limited warranty on parts and labor

Finally a Solution for Smoke!
For heavy smokers or those smoking in large rooms, the CT500 is an excellent system to remove the smoke and odors. For the absolute best results, combine the CT500 in the smoking room with our whole house systems on our Whole House HVAC UV Purifier page. This provides both spot treatment for the room and whole house odor control, to handle any odors that permeate the rest of the home.

Dynamic Air Cleaner Overhead Unit

A perfect system for overhead smoke removal! Great for taverns, bars, restaurants, pool halls or even a poker game with the gang at home! Don't choke on that cigarette or cigar smoke any longer!

This overhead unit is built with the same great patented air cleaning technology, found in all of our Dynamic Air Cleaners. This exceptional overhead unit grabs the smoke as it rises. A strong 750 CFM fan ensures plenty of power to draw the smoke into the unit. With 97% efficiency at 0.3 microns, this unit is able to filter out nearly all of the smoke in your air. Plus, the carbon center will allow for absorption of the gases and odors from tobacco smoke.

A perfect unit for that poker party in the garage or basement!

Dimensions - 23.75" x 23.75" x 9.25"
Electrical - 115VAC, 60 Hz, 3.5 Amps
Fan Speed - 750 CFM (cubic feet of air per minute)

Will fit in a standard 24" x 24" drop ceiling tile or will mount directly to a hard surface ceiling.


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