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Dan Buglio is a Certified Indoor Air Quality Professional by the:

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Dynamic Air Cleaner Carbon Media Replacement Filters
OEM direct from Dynamic

    Description Price
1.   12-Pack Dynamic Air Cleaner Replacement Filters
Item No. 12P-Filters
2.   9-Pack Dynamic Air Cleaner Replacement Filters
Item No. 9P-Filters
3.   6-Pack Dynamic Air Cleaner Replacement Filters
Item No. 6P-Filters
4.   3-Pack Dynamic Air Cleaner Replacement Filters
Item No. 3P-Filters
All prices in US Dollars

Official Brand Name...

Dynamic Air Cleaner Filters!

Dynamic Air Cleaners

Also referred to as:
  • Dynamic Air Filters
  • Dynamic Electronic Air Cleaners
  • Dynamic Furnace Filters
  • Dynamic Air Cleaner Filter Replacements
  • Dynamic 1" Panel Air Cleaner
  • Dynamic P1000 Carbon Filters

Whatever you call them, it doesn't matter. You've come to the right place! We've got them.

We are the Top Selling, Official Online Dynamic Air Cleaner Website that offers:

  • Authentic - Brand Name replacement Dynamic Air Cleaner Carbon Filters for your 1" Panel, P1000, CT100, CT500, OH1010 and 2" Commercial Panels.
  • Fast delivery.
  • Free Shipping factory direct from the Dynamic Air Cleaner warehouse.
  • The Guaranteed Lowest Prices on Authentic Dynamic Air Cleaners & Replacement Filters.
  • Thousands of our Dynamic Air Cleaner Customers can't be wrong.

Standard Dynamic Air Filter Sizes:
12"X12" - 12"X24" - 14"X14" - 14"X20" - 14"X25" - 14"X30"
15"X20" - 16"X16" - 16"X20" - 16"X21" - 16"X24" - 16"X25"
16"X30" - 18"X18" - 18"X20" - 18"X24" - 20"X20" - 20"X24"
20"X25" - 20"X30" - 24"X24" - 24"X30" - 25"X25"

13-1/8"x21-5/8" - 16-1/2"x21-5/8" - 17-3/8"x17-3/8"
17-3/8"x23-3/8" - 19-3/8"x19-3/8" - 19-3/8"x23-3/8"
19-3/8"x29-3/8" - 20"x21-5/8" - 21-1/2"x23-1/4"

Unsure of your size?

Don't see your size listed? Don't worry...
Custom and Oversized Dynamic Media is available at a slightly higher charge.

The more you buy, the more you save.
Dynamic Air Filters are offered in Packs of 3, 6, 9, 12 or a case of 24.

Need more Product Information?
Go to our Dynamic Air Cleaner page for performance information and a video demonstration.
Go to our Dynamic Console and home smoke removal page to view our free standing Dynamic Console units.
Have Questions before you order? Check out our FAQ Below.


Don't be fooled by Generic or Universal replacement filters that supposedly work with your Dynamic Air Cleaner!


  • Void the 5 year Dynamic Air Cleaner Warranty for your air cleaner.
  • Are NOT the brand name filter which is an important part of the patented and proven Dynamic Air Cleaner technology.
  • We have NO information whether or not the generic brand filters have ever been tested with the brand name Dynamic Air cleaner that YOU have. Yes, they have likely been tested with their own air cleaner brand, but why trust your indoor air quality and health to an unknown.

For Brand Name performance you can trust...

Get Authentic - Brand Name
Dynamic Air Cleaner Replacement Filters!

Dynamic Air Cleaner
Filter F.A.Q - (Frequently Asked Questions:)

How do I know what size to order?

If you have a free standing console unit, you will select the size CT500 or
CT100. The overhead ceiling model is the OH1010. Otherwise, your
P1000 1" Dynamic Air Cleaner has a label on the plastic strip that shows the
size you need to order. If you cannot find a label or the box from your
air cleaner or last set of filters, you may measure the entire air cleaner.
Measure the entire device, including the black plastic part where the power cord
plugs in. If it is 23.75", you can round up to 24". The device is
approximated 1/4 inch undersized so it will fit into the filter rack of your
furnace. All the standard sizes are listed when you go to order.
Custom sizes are available too! Fill out the form above and look through
the list of standard sizes.

How often should I change the filters?

In a normal non-smoking home, a Dynamic Air Cleaner filter should last between
3-4 months. In a smoking home, you may only get 1-2 months out of each
filter. Homes with many people or multiple pets may only get 2-3 months

How do I know when to change the filter?

The filter will load over time and gradually turn gray or black in color.
Once the filter is covered with a layer of dust and other particles, it is
likely time to change the filter. The other indicator may be odors.
If you are using the Dynamic Air Cleaners for a smoking environment, there may
be a point in time when the odors seem to linger longer. That would be
indicative of the carbon pad reaching a saturation point and no longer being
able to remove the gases, fumes and odors. At that point, it is important
to replace the filter so it can continue providing you the gas, fume and odor
removal benefits.

What happens if I don't change the filter often enough?

For those with the Dynamic Air Cleaner 1" panel in their furnace, a clogged
filter will reduce the airflow through your central HVAC system which at minimum
will cause performance problems with your heat or air conditioning. At the
extreme, the reduced airflow can cause strain on the HVAC blower and cause your
system to fail entirely. Proper filter maintenance is not just good for
your health; it's good for the health of your HVAC system too.

Can I Clean the Filters to lengthen the life?

You can but it's not recommended. Some people may try to use a vacuum tool
to suck some of the dust off of the filter, or take it outside and shake it off.
Unfortunately, that is not the ideal solution. First of all, by doing so,
you will be throwing a huge amount of the pollutants into the air where you may
breathe them in during the "cleaning" process. For allergy or asthma
sufferers, this could trigger an attack. Secondly, the Dynamic Air Cleaner
Filter Replacements have a carbon sheet in the center. This carbon sheet
is designed to help eliminate gases, chemical fumes and odors. Once the
carbon has reached a saturation point, it will no longer be able to do it's job.
Cleaning with a vacuum or shaking it off won't help in this regard.

Can I use Aeriale or Electrobreeze filters in my
Dynamic Air Cleaner?

Again, these "universal" filters are generic brands and are not tested to work with the
Dynamic Air Cleaner. Using these generic brand Dynamic Air
filters will also void your Dynamic Air Cleaner 5 year warranty. If you want
guaranteed performance for the health and wellness of your family and a warranty you can
depend on, I recommend sticking
with the authentic Dynamic Air Cleaner Carbon Media that we offer.
Sure, the generic is slightly cheaper, but when you average out the cost, it's
only pennies a day more for the real Dynamic Air Cleaner Filters.

Why have the prices increased since the last time I

Dynamic Air Cleaners are sold primarily through local heating and air
conditioning contractors. In order to protect that distribution network
which serves 99% of their business, Dynamic raised the prices for those of us
selling over the internet to make sure we didn't sell the products for well
below what the local contractors charge. The price increase went into
effect January 2007.

More Questions?

Call us toll free: 1-888-472-8736

Get pricing and order


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