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Dan Buglio is a Certified Indoor Air Quality Professional by the:

Dan Buglio - the internet's #1 Smoke Removal Expert introduces a BRAND NEW site dedicated to solving your nasty smoke problems.

Click the image below to check out our brand new Site which features our TOP RECOMMENDATION for Home Smoke Removal. The CT500 Home Smoke Eater.

On this site, you'll find our top pick in the entire market of products available for smoke removal. We support this top pick with videos, tons of happy customer testimonials, frequently asked questions and more.

It works, it's quiet, it's easy to maintain and it looks great.
Go check it out at:

Let me see if I understand your problem...

  • You are a smoker and your family or spouse is always nagging and complaining about the smell of smoke!
  • You live with a smoker and their smoking is making you sick!
  • You are embarrassed by the dirty, ashtray like odors in your home.
  • You are a smoker and your spouse or kids have allergy or asthma symptoms. You feel guilty that these symptoms are likely being caused or made worse by your smoking.
  • Your neighbor smokes like a chimney and causes your apartment or condo to smell.
  • You are trying to create a game room or poker room down the in basement and don't want the smoke and odors to linger or affect the rest of the home.
  • You want to enjoy the occasional cigar without catching a lot of heat.

Was I on target with your problem?

I'm sure I was. I speak to dozens of customers each week and the majority are calling about smoke problems. As a result, I have more experience in home smoke removal than any other website owner out there. You have come to the right place to solve your smoke problem. However...

First let me tell you what WONíT work on Smoke and why.

HEPA filters Ė By themselves, a single filter HEPA based air cleaner will do an ok job collecting the airborne particles of smoke, (the stuff you can see). A few negatives: They load up quickly. They also will do nothing to remove the odors and harmful gases. HEPA Filters can be expensive and the fans are usually fairly noisy on the cheaper models, that you might find at a local department store.

The point I'm trying to make is that for smoke, mere HEPA filtration is insufficient. If you decide to go with a HEPA based unit for smoke removal, it needs a quality pre-filter to capture the majority of the larger smoke particles so you don't load up the more expensive HEPA filter too quickly. It also needs the capability to remove the many gases, fumes and volatile organic compounds from tobacco smoke. Carbon or various carbon composite materials are often used for the gas and fume side of the problem.

Ultraviolet Air Purifiers Ė Companies making this technology often promote the fact that there are no filters to change and therefore you save money. They are right; however, the results are partial at best. While this type of purifier CAN help with smoke odors, it does NOTHING for the millions of airborne smoke particles floating throughout your entire home. As a result, this type of purification technology is definitely not my top pick for those looking for the most complete smoke removal results for their home. They may be the right application when odors are your only concern.

Ionic Air Purifiers Ė You know the "Breeze" purifiers seen on TV and advertised all over the place. This unit is best suited to collecting some dust and airborne particulates. However, this product does nothing for the harmful gases and odors from smoke. Independent tests show that the effectiveness of this type of technology is worse than most air purifiers on the market. Don't buy the hype you see on a paid TV Commercial. I can't tell you how many consumers I speak to who have tried these Ionic Breeze purifiers for smoke and had nothing but complaints.

Electrostatic Air Purifiers Ė Here is another type of technology that promotes the fact that you don't need to buy replacement filters. Iím sure youíve seen the infomercials on TV with the vacuum cleaner company flying a balloon around and doing a demonstration in a glass case showing their unit removing smoke from the air. I agree, it is an impressive visual display. And while this device WILL capture some of the visible airborne smoke particles into a metallic collection tray, they donít mention a thing about the odors and harmful gases. That's because odors and chemical fumes from smoke pass right through this unit un-treated.

The other REALLY important thing to note about these "no filter" air cleaners is that the metal collection trays QUICKLY get covered by a layer of smoke and dust particles. Once dirty, this type of technology loses its ability to capture smoke. Basically - once dirty - IT STOPS WORKING. Combine poor performance, no ability to handle gases, fumes and odors with the messy job of cleaning the collection trays, this is an air cleaning technology I strongly recommend against using for smoke.

How do I know that these devices donít work as home smoke eaters?

Simple...My customers tell me!

Before I get to the solutions, watch this quick video that will explain why smoke is so difficult to handle in a home.

Home Smoke Removal Challenges Video.

I'm sure you are wondering if anything really works on Smoke.

Don't worry, I offer a few selections that will provide you the right mix of technology, power and performance for a home smoke removal system.

IQAir Air Purifiers - IQAir is a leading brand in the market that offers the IQAir GC MultiGas Air Purifier. This particular air purifier is setup specifically to handle the high volume of gases, fumes and odors from smoke. It also has Hyper-HEPA filtration to get the millions of microscopic smoke particles out of the air. Lastly, it has a quality pre-filter designed to take the bulk of the larger smoke particles, thus protecting the HEPA from loading up too quickly.

    Pros: Highest efficiency to capture more of the smoke, gases, fumes and odors than any other product we offer. Individual filter stages allow you to change only the one that requires changing. Automatic filter change indicator.

    Cons: Slightly higher price, filter costs may run a little more in heavy smoking situations, not the quietest model when running on high.

Dynamic Air Cleaners - Dynamic is the other Brand that has been making my smoking customers very happy. Dynamic offers a console unit (The Dynamic Air Cleaner CT500) and also a 1" Panel that can go into the filter slot of a forced air central heating and cooling system. This technology uses a patented single filter approach which combines HEPA quality filtration for smoke and dust particles and a sheet of carbon in each filter to absorb the gas, fume and odor problems created by smoke.

What makes Dynamic unique is that with this technology, a low voltage charge is applied to the filter and the carbon center to activate the filter - essentially turning the entire filter into a large magnet to attract, capture and hold the smoke. This process provides HEPA quality filtration, carbon adsorption of odors, gases and fumes in an easy to maintain, single filter system.

Dynamic CT500 Air Cleaner is great for Smoke Removal, Allergies and Asthma in master bedrooms or larger rooms. Also the perfect smoke eater for heavy smoke in small rooms and moderate to heavy smoke in larger areas. Click the image for more details and to order!

By the way, the CT500 got a great review by Cigar Aficionado Magazine. Be sure to remove your popup blocker and check it out!

Also be sure to check out our CT500 Customer Feedback


  • Solid performance on both smoke particles as well as gases and odors.
  • Designed to look like furniture.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Only one filter to change.
  • Bought in bulk, the filter costs will run approximately $120 - $220 a year depending on smoke volume.
Cons: No automatic filter change indicator.

Questions? Not sure what you need? Give a call 1-888-472-8736

    Description Price
1.   IQAir GC MultiGas
The IQAir GC MultiGas is designed for those with chemical and odor sensitivities. Also effective in smoking environments.
2.   SRS-800 - Smoke Removal System 800
Price $1,225 - Free Shipping
800 CFM Unit recommended for installation in spaces with 7-9 foot high ceilings. At the recommended 8 air exchanges per hour, one unit will cover 4,500 cubic feet. Comes in Black, White or Woodgrain. First years filters included FREE!! Click the picture for more details or to order now.
3.   SRS-1200 - Smoke Removal System 1200 - Flush Mount - Drop Ceiling
Price $1,695 - Free Shipping
1200 CFM Ceiling Tile Unit recommended for installation in spaces with drop ceilings no higher than 12 feet. Requires 13" clearance above suspended ceiling. At the recommended 8 air exchanges per hour, one unit will cover 6000 cubic feet. White finish - custom colors available. First year's filters included FREE!! Click the picture for more details or to order now.
4.   Air Oasis 3000 Air Purifier G3
For up to 3000 square feet depending upon indoor pollutants. State of the art technology provides outstanding purification to relieve allergy and asthma symptoms, kill bacteria, viruses and mold as well as removing smoke odors, pet odors and chemical fumes. Click picture for more details.
All prices in US Dollars

Don't take my word for what the Dynamic Air Cleaner CT500 can do for you; just listen to what my customers tell me.

Les Dorfman - Happy CT500 owner.

Dear Dan,

About a year ago I called you requesting information about cigarette smoke removal. Our situation was that my father-in-law, who is a pack and a half a day smoker, needed to move in with us due to various health problems that he has. I have allergies, my wife has asthma and I have 2 young children, so the thought of a heavy smoker moving in was not setting well with me. You patiently answered my many questions and did a great job explaining how there is more to removing smoke than just removing the particles (gases, odors). You recommended a Dynamic CT500 console unit which I purchased.

My father-in-law only smokes in the room where the CT500 is located and after almost a year and over 40 cartons of cigarettes (yuk) later I can definitely say that the CT500 works great. You can go into his room only 5 minutes after he smokes and there is no visible smoke and barely a detectable odor. My wife can breathe in the room without aggravating her asthma. We have also noticed that the furniture, walls, and other things in the room do not have the brownish film that usually accumulates where smokers smoke frequently. We never notice smoke odors anywhere else in the house except a slight odor in the hall outside of his room when the furnace is running. This is why we also purchased a Dynamic filter for our furnace which helps a lot in catching what does happen to escape, and also has the added benefit of reducing the airborne dust and allergens in our house. My father-in-law also likes the fact that the unit is very quiet.

I especially appreciate your honest approach in an industry full of exaggerated claims of effectiveness. You told me that it is unrealistic to expect to completely remove all of the smoke odor with any product, and you're right, it doesn't... but it comes very close.


Don Klingensmith, North Ridgeville, OH

Hi Dan,

We used the air purifier all winter and found it to perform exactly as you said it would. With 5 smokers in the house, it had its work cut out for it. It's important to make sure the air filter is changed on a regular basis. Three filters get us through the winter months. We don't use it in the summer because the windows are opened most of the time. Overall, we are extremely pleased with this product (CT500).

David Redente

Hi, I'm Karen from Kansas City. My husband is retired and smokes both a pipe and the NASTIEST cigars on the planet several times a day. I have had circulation problems including two heart stents. I don't want to breathe his smoke, the cigars make me nauseous and I truly detest the smell that permeates our home. He has a den where he smokes, watches TV and reads so I bought a Dynamic Air Cleaner CT500 and installed it directly outside his den door. The results were instant and truly dynamic. There is no more smoke smell in our house including his den and I know I'm breathing smoke-free air.

Dear Dan, I am very satisfied with the performance of the Dynamic. I am impressed with your quick responses to all my email & questions, wonderful customer service in every way. Thanks for the clean air in my smoking room, I would recommend your product to anyone. Happy Holidays. I will continue to order my filters when I need them from you.

Thanks, Donna Voytek

Hi, Dan

I meant to let you know how our situation is going. I bought the purifier for my father's bedroom in his basement apartment of our house. My 5 year old son is apparently allergic to smoke and would cough incessantly, requiring nebulizer treatments at least once a day. The purifier seems to have helped. We do not use the nebulizer very often but he is still taking prescription medication (Singulair) daily.

We will continue using your product and would recommend it. It is quiet and has helped with smoke odor.



Coming up on a year of having the filter in place and active for the whole time.

I am very pleased with the results. I have it up on a table top next to my smoking chair -- I have it filter side out so that it really sucks in the smoke immediately. I found that the filter did not work as well as a passive floor model for my cigar smoke. With the filter up and ugly side out it does everything I could hope for. It is easy to tell when to change the filter as the air quality is not as clean as it usually is -- I have been able to prolong filter time by vacuuming out the exterior filter screen. I have found that much of the filters effectiveness is related to how well the rest of the room environment is kept--vacuuming the rug and chair helps overall air quality as does dusting and vacuuming ceiling panels.

My only real gripe is that I can't get the same performance out of the filter with the wood panel facing out to the room. The filter performs up to my needs and after a year I am still very pleased with the overall performance.

Eugene Cindrich

Hi, Dan,

Jay Brown in San Francisco here. I bought the air cleaner a few months ago in response to a complaint by my apartment manager about the smell of smoke in the hallway near my apartment door. The unit has done a tremendous job. The air is a lot clearer, and cooler. I'm glad I landed on your site when I started shopping. Thanks for providing a great product in a time of need.


Hi Dan

Just returning from Puerto Rico where you shipped my CT-500 to. Regrettably my girlfriend is still a heavy smoker, but the CT-500 did a remarkable job of removing virtually all the visible smoke very quickly in her studio apartment.

I was concerned that it would be noisy. It ran dead quiet on high speed all night long right next to the bed and I even had to check it a few times to see if it was on. Very happy with the overall performance.

Additionally, it was packed so well, that it could have been dropped out of a cargo plane without a chute.


John Warren


It is working great. Please send info on replacement filters in a couple of months.



Hello, Dan.

My name is Michael McNicholas. Iím the president of a direct marketing consulting firm in Chicago. My partner, Byron, smokes a pipe in his office. The building in which our offices are located does not allow smoking. I decided it would be wise if we had some way of controlling the aroma of Byronís pipe smoking, so we started Googling sources of air purifiers. We came upon your website and noticed a reference to Cigar Aficianado regarding the model CT500 air cleaner ó and after CFís review, I was convinced to try the Dynamic Air Cleaner Console, specifically the CT100, which is more appropriate for the size of Byronís office.

When it arrived, Byron quickly set it up, and plugged it in. The next morning, I dropped by Byronís office on some business. He was smoking a pipe, and I eventually saw the CT100. We chose the black model, and I tell you, it looks nice. It coordinates nicely with his black desk and black lamps. To tell you the truth, I didnít really see it at first, what with all the black heís got going. Iíll tell you something else. I hadnít notice any smell of pipe smoking as I walked down the hall to his office, (his office door was closed, of course, but thereís always some trace of aroma when heís puffing away). And ó I didnít even hear it running, although I was sitting at his desk, maybe four feet away from the CT100. So, yeah, the quality is there, alright.

Even the danged high/low/off switch has a smartly crisp, definite click to it ó you know, like when you shut the door on an eighty thousand dollar car. Nothing sloppy here, bub. Anyway, weíve had the CT100 going for three months now. I donít believe Byron has bothered to change the filter that it came already installed in the machine.

Canít say I can tell if thereís been any degradation in its effectiveness, but I guess we should put in a new one, just to keep on top of things.



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