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Smoke Stomper Home Smoke Eater
Reg. $925.00

Dan Buglio is a Certified Indoor Air Quality Professional by the:

    Description Price
1.   Commercial Smoke Filters for SRS Smoke Eaters
Starting at $375 - Free Shipping
Annual Filter kit for the SRS Series of Smoke Removal Systems (Smoke Eaters) Consists of 12 Pre Filters, 6 Carbon Filters and 1 HEPA. Click to select your filter kit based on the smoke eater you own.
2.   SRS-800 - Smoke Removal System 800
Price $1,795 - Free Shipping
800 CFM Unit recommended for installation in spaces with 7-9 foot high ceilings. At the recommended 8 air exchanges per hour, one unit will cover 4,500 cubic feet. Comes in Black, White or Woodgrain. First years filters included FREE!! Click the picture for more details or to order now.
3.   SRS-1000 - Smoke Removal System 1000
Price $2,080 - free shipping
1000 CFM unit recommended for installation in spaces with 9-10 foot high ceilings. At the recommended 8 air exchanges per hour, one unit will cover 6,000 cubic feet. Comes in Black, White or Woodgrain. First years filters included FREE!! Click the picture for more details or to order now.
4.   SRS-1500 - Smoke Removal System 1500
Price $2,290 - free shipping
1500 CFM unit recommended for installation in spaces with 10-12 foot high ceilings. At the recommended 8 air exchanges per hour, one unit will cover 8,000 cubic feet. Comes in Black, White or Woodgrain. First years filters included FREE!! Click the picture for more details or to order now.
5.   SRS-2000 - Smoke Removal System 2000
Price $2,490 - Free Shipping
2000 CFM unit recommended for installation in spaces with at least 12 foot high ceilings. At the recommended 8 air exchanges per hour, one unit will cover 10,000 cubic feet. Comes in Black, White or Woodgrain. First years filters included FREE!! Click the picture for more details or to order now.
6.   SRS-1200 - Smoke Removal System 1200 - Flush Mount - Drop Ceiling
Price $2,150 - Free Shipping
1200 CFM Ceiling Tile Unit recommended for installation in spaces with drop ceilings no higher than 12 feet. Requires 13" clearance above suspended ceiling. At the recommended 8 air exchanges per hour, one unit will cover 6000 cubic feet. White finish - custom colors available. First year's filters included FREE!! Click the picture for more details or to order now.
7.   SRS 2000 Flush Mount Smoke Removal System
Price $2,280 - Free Shipping
2000 CFM Ceiling Tile Unit recommended for installation in spaces with drop ceilings no lower than 10 feet. Requires 18" clearance above suspended ceiling. At the recommended 8 air exchanges per hour, one unit will cover 10,000 cubic feet. White finish - custom colors available. First year's filters included FREE!! Click the picture for more details or to order now.
8.   SRS-22 - Smoke Removal System 22" - Flush Mount
Price $2,150 - Free Shipping
1200 CFM Flush Mount Unit recommended for installation in spaces with a drop ceiling and LESS than 13 inches of clearance. This machine can be mounted with part of the smoke eater above your drop ceiling and it is narrow enough to allow the rest of the smoke eater to fit between the ceiling grids and suspend below. This can also be mounted in solid ceilings with joists that are 24" on center. At the recommended 8 air exchanges pe
All prices in US Dollars

Looking for a Commercial Smoke Eater?

Want a Smoke Removal System...
that Actually Works?

Good - You've come to the right place!

Home Smoke Eater Solutions: Click here
Commercial Smoke Eater Solutions: Keep Reading!!!

Don't settle for a high tech - difficult to maintain electrostatic smoke eater when you can get an easy to maintain - fully integrated "My Air Purifier Smoke Eater Solution!"

Want a Free Commercial System?
Watch the video below...

Click here to Request a Free Quote!

Learn How to Eliminate Smoke and Odors Today!!

Step 1: Watch the video below to Discover why proper sizing is critical:

Click here to Request a Free Quote!

Step 2: Download a copy of our:

Smoke Removal Catalog & Buyers Guide

In this guide you will find:
  • Why smoke is so difficult to eliminate.
  • What technologies I recommend and why
  • What works and what doesn't
  • A sizing worksheet to fill out on your business to make sure you get the right equipment for YOUR situation. Don't guess what you need - find out for sure!
  • Details on a fast movers 5% discount. Don't make a purchase until you learn how to get these savings!
  • Our full catalog with sizes, specs, electrical requirements and pricing. This Buyers Guide is great to print out and share with the other decision makers!
Enter your Information and get your Catalog Now:
First Name:

Step 3: Read our Customer Feedback

Amazing Recent Email

Just listen to what Russ Naasko, President of the VFW Post 8684 told me.

Sent: Monday, January 01, 2007 1:20 PM

Hi Dan

I want to let you know that we have been using our SRS 1000 air cleaner for about a month now. The results are dramatic and very satisfying. The quality of the air in the post has improved 100%. We are very pleased with the results and are very happy with the choice of your product. The unit also operates relatively quietly. Over all we thank you for a great product.


Russ Naasko
President VFW Post 8684 Men's Auxiliary


Step 4: Learn about our:

  • With our SRS (Smoke Removal System) units, you get commercial power filtration to remove the clouds of smoke. We size the units to achieve a minimum of 8 air exchanges per hour. Any less and you won't keep up during busy times.
  • We combine this outstanding filtration with our unique Ultraviolet technology installed in your central HVAC Ductwork to eliminate the invisible but dangerous fumes and nasty smoke odors.

The combination provides results so good your competitors will wonder how you did it!

Benefits of our Solution

  • Amazingly Simple, but incredibly Effective
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Low cost of ongoing maintenance
  • 60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee with no restocking fees if you return the equipment.
  • It really works, how could we afford to guarantee your satisfaction if it didn't?
  • A combination of technologies not available elsewhere.
  • Fanatical Customer Service, Before - During and After the sale!

Attention Restaurant, Bar, Night Club and Tavern owners. Stop and ask yourself....

How Much Money is walking out your door early each and every night because your place is TOO SMOKY??

How much of that money NEVER COMES BACK?

Another Customer Testimonial:

I want to thank you very much for all of your help! We have had our smoke eater now for 7 weeks, and we have yet to have anyone mention that it is smoky in the tavern. Nothing like when we visit other establishments, they just don't cut the odor like your system. I also want to thank you for your excellent customer service; I appreciate everything you have done! I'm sure I will be calling for additional help - service parts and additions to our system.

Thanks again!

Connie Woodke-
Tavern Owner - Gillette, WI

From: Dan Buglio - Owner
My Air Purifier

Dear Friend:

Yes you CAN have a nearly smoke free environment. It is simply a matter of applying the right power and the RIGHT technologies to get the job done. Too little power against all that smoke would be like trying to cool your club with a window air conditioner. It's just not gonna cut it.

Unfortunately, no single smoke eater or smoke eater technology can handle the entire spectrum of pollutants from tobacco smoke!

That is why the "My Air Purifier Smoke Eater Solution" combines TWO technologies to get the job done right!!

And Guess What? Our Solution is even less expensive than a name brand solution that only solves half the problem!!! So, if you are serious about solving your smoke problems:

Here's what you need to know before you buy from ANYONE, including me.

Smoke is made up of two main categories of pollutants:
  1. Smoke Particles - the visible clouds of smoke you can see.
  2. Invisible Gases and Odors. (consisting of over 4000 gases and fumes too small to be filtered out of the air)
If you just remove the smoke particles with an Electrostatic Smoke Eater or filter based Smoke Eater, you have only solved half the problem!! Your place will still smell like smoke and you will still be breathing the harmful gases.

Here's how the "My Air Purifier Smoke Eater Solution" works:

Smoke Particles:
You don't need some fancy, high maintenance, expensive electrostatic precipitator with some brand name on it. Use our high powered SRS commercial filtration system that is designed with enough airflow and filtration to remove the airborne smoke particles. We offer many sizes and configurations to fit your specific needs. From flush mount units that fit into drop ceiling tiles, to hanging box-style units with fan speeds ranging from 800-2000 CFM. (cubic feet of air per minute)

But even with our "Best of Class" Commercial Filtration units, you have only removed HALF of the pollutants from smoke. You still have the harmful gases and foul odors left to deal with.

Gases and Odors
Here's where the "My Air Purifier Smoke Eater Solution" gets high tech! Using our unique ozone producing UV lamp, we can remove over 97% of the VOC's, Gases and Odors from tobacco smoke. These ultraviolet lamps install easily into your central heating or cooling system ductwork. By simply running your fan, you have turned your central ventilation system into an air cleaning machine and an integral part of the solution!

Odors and gases will be GONE...leaving your place smelling fresh and clean. Seriously! No more ash tray smell when you walk in the door! Your customers will appreciate it and stay longer spending more money. Your competitors will wonder how you did it!

Instead of trying to create one "do it all" smoke eater, we have simply created the best commercial filtration available to remove the smoke particles and combined it with the best ultraviolet technology available to remove the odors and gases to come up with a complete solution. One that is cost effective and does a MUCH better job than any single do it all smoke eater.

Here's what you can expect working with us:
  • A Smoke Eater Solution that is Guaranteed to get the job done!
  • My Low Price Guarantee - Find the same solution advertised lower and we'll beat the price. Even up to 15 days after the sale.
  • Outstanding Customer Service - we return your calls after hours and ON WEEKENDS!!!
  • 60 day Satisfaction Guarantee - not happy, 100% money back!
  • Expert Advice - free quotes.
  • Free Shipping and Freight - unheard of in the commercial equipment industry!
Ask yourself, with all these guarantees and excellent smoke eater technology to remove ALL the pollutants in smoke, why shop anywhere else???

Here's what you need to do right now.
  1. Gather up some details on the square footage of your facility, ceiling height and the number of heating or cooling systems or zones.
  2. Then simply give a call and ask for Dan Buglio.
With this information I can do some quick calculations and provide you a no-pressure quote on what it will take to rid your place of smoke once and for all. The call is free, the conversation low pressure. I hope you allow me the opportunity to provide a free quote and earn your trust and your business. Call now at Toll Free 1-888-472-8736! You won't be sorry. I look forward to hearing from you.


Dan Buglio - Owner
Toll Free: 1-888-472-8736

Need Proof our Smoke Eaters Work?

Just check a recent smoke eater success story.

Project details:
  • Sports bar - Very heavy smoke levels throughout with most of the smoke in the bar area
  • Approximately 3000 square feet
  • 10' high ceilings
  • 3 HVAC Zones supporting the Bar space
Equipment Installed:
  • Commercial Smoke Eater - installed in smokiest section of the bar.
  • Three 14" High Output UV Lamps - one installed per HVAC Zone. Installed into supply ducts.
Customer Feedback from the job:
    "We just finished the installation an hour ago, turned everything on and already there is no smoke in our sports lounge. For a Saturday afternoon we have a pretty good crowd with lots of smokers and you can't even tell anyone is smoking.

    Installation was pretty easy. We had the electrical done in advance so it was simple to plug everything in and turn it on.

    For over 8 years we had a problem and finally decided to do something about it. We looked around at all sorts of stuff. Your website provided more information and the equipment looked the best out of all that we checked out. Thanks Dan, I can already tell a big difference."
    Colleen R. JD's Sports Lounge - Palm Bay, FL

Need help financing the equipment? Don't worry, we have..

Lease-to-Own Financing Available.
LOW Payments for qualified businesses.
Call for Details! 1-888-472-8736

Here's what my competitors DON'T WANT YOU TO KNOW!

  • Filtration alone: Designed ONLY to capture the airborne smoke particles which is important. Unfortunately, filtration alone does NOTHING to remove odors and invisible gases from smoke. That's why we combine it with our HVAC UV lamps for the optimal solution.
  • Electrostatic Devices: Used by the big name brand companies (SmokeEater, Honeywell) to capture airborne particles of smoke. While this technology does collect airborne particles, it doesn't do much on odors and requires labor intensive cleaning processes to maintain. (That's why they have to offer you a maintenance contract. You would never want to do it yourself it's such a hassle.) Plus, once dirty, electrostatic devices become less and less effective at capturing the smoke particles.
  • Carbon Filters: If you have enough carbon, it may help reduce some odors and chemical fumes. However, it often takes 20-75 lbs of carbon to have ANY effect on odors which makes the smoke eaters HUGE, HEAVY, difficult to install and COSTLY to maintain. There is no comparison between the results you get from carbon to our special ozone producing UV lamp systems.
  • Standard or Germicidal Ultraviolet (UV) Light: Good for germicidal protection like viruses, bacteria, and mold in the ductwork. Unfortunately Germicidal UV does not handle odors and chemical fumes like our ultraviolet lamp noted above.

Here's the "My Air Purifier Smoke Eater Solution":


My Air Purifier's SRS (Smoke Removal System) are the "Best in Class" Commercial Filtration Units!

With three stages of filtration and high powered fans, you can finally remove the clouds of smoke!!! It's pretty simple; you need to recycle the air in your establishment 8-10 times an hour to keep up with all the smoke during busy times. Any fewer air exchanges per hour and the smoke is being created faster than it can be removed. At that point, you are fighting a losing battle.


Combined with the Ozone producing ultraviolet lamp for In-Duct Installation:

This unit is easily installed into your central heating/cooling system ductwork. It provides outstanding smoke odor removal and over 90% reduction of the harmful and invisible smoke gases and fumes throughout your ENTIRE facility. Runs on a standard 110 outlet. Capitalizes on the existing airflow and tons of air movement already in your HVAC System. An excellent addition if you already have filter based smoke eaters. Just add one of these to each HVAC Zone to Eliminate the odors and fumes.

Implement our system in your business...

And you get the Most Effective, Cost Efficient, Easy to Maintain, Keep Customers around Longer, Spending more Money - Ultimate Smoke Handling System Available!

Don't be that Smelly Bar that people talk about and avoid any longer!

More Customer Testimonials:
"We installed your Commercial APS on Thursday anticipating a busy weekend. We had a full house on Friday and Saturday night with the normal group of smokers. You could hardly tell anyone was smoking. This thing works great."
W. H. - Pub - Beachwood, NJ

"When we first were looking for a smoke eater, the guys wanted to go with a bigger more expensive system. They were skeptical that this less expensive unit (Commercial APS) would do enough to eliminate the smoke. Once we got it installed, they are no longer skeptics. Thanks!"
J. G. - Harley Davidsons Owners Association, PA

Other recent Smoke Eater customers:

  • Jokers Comedy Club in Brownsville, TX
  • York County Harley Davidson Owners Association, PA
  • A Bingo Hall in PA
  • Sunset View Restaurant, Wisconsin
  • The Lion and Rose Pub, San Antonio TX - English Style Pub
  • A Wife of a Cigar Smoker, MA
  • The Blarney Station, E. Rutherford, - NJ Irish Pub
  • The Pub at Beachwood, Beachwood, NJ
  • Costners Bar and Restaurant, Liberty, SC
  • The Barn - Lebanon, TN
  • Roscoe's Landing - Salem, OR
  • Harvey Mansion - New Bern, NC

Step 4: For your No-Pressure FREE QUOTE...

CALL TOLL FREE - 888-472-8736

Call Between 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM Monday - Friday or

Available Colors

Flush Mount units are standard White finish, custom color available.

  • YES!! Even shipping is included even at these LOW prices.
  • Get Filtration AND UV to handle both odors and airborne smoke particles
  • Don't Guess what you need - Call for a custom recommendation specific to YOUR business!
  • Call for availability in your area!!!
CALL TOLL FREE 1-888-472-8736
Please note that these Smoke Eaters are not stock items. It may take 3 - 4 weeks for an order to be sent out.


Experience the My Air Purifier Difference . . .

Your Air Purification Specialists
Finding and offering the best air purifiers, air cleaners and smoke eaters is all we do. Have an air quality problem? Give us a call for friendly FREE advice!

Free Shipping in the Continental US
Most items are in stock and ship within 24-48 hours of your order.

110% Lowest Price Guarantee!
Order with price confidence.
Click here for details on our price match program.

Your Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed

Guarantee If you're not satisfied with any item, return it within 60 days for a "No Hassle" exchange or full refund of the purchase price.

No "restocking" fees!

Superior Customer Service
  • Any questions about air purifiers, air cleaners or smoke eaters? Give us a call!
  • We pick up the phone from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Eastern time, Monday - Friday.
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